Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's ya Birthday!

It's ya Birthday... it's ya birthday! The fact that my auntie made her grand entrance to this 2 chainz song for her birthday gave me life! Yasss auntie lol. If you don't know by now I attended my Aunt Jackie's 50th birthday party this weekend!  I really enjoyed myself! Ain't nothing wrong with partying with family! The "turnup" has no age limit lol!
Dress:ASOS (old)
Faux Fur:Target (old)
I told yall I would be rocking this boots again! They are so comfy
I decided to add my fur since we had a drastic tempature change here.
For my face I decided to go for a nuetral eye and bold lip.
Blush: MAC Lovestruck
Lips: NYX Bruised


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P.S.S. God told me to let yall in on an awesome giveaway via my girl Tori of! I so want to win that camera that is up for grabs and if God sees fit it will be mine! If you would like to enter here is the link glassesandglitter

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey guys! I hope y'all had a wonderful thanksgiving! Mine was awesome and I'm especially grateful for my baby Barry, family and friends.  This year I kept it quite simple with the attire because I knew later that evening I would be  partaking in the black friday festivates. Here's what I wore

Fringe Ankle Boots-Torrid
I love these boots so much that I purchased the black ones as well. You definitely will be seeing them again!

This time last year (pic on left) I found out I was pregnant! As I sit here and watch him fight sleep I have to say he is a blessings and I can't wait to see what this blessing holds!

Until next time

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey guys!!! I know its been awhile but being a new mommy takes up a lot of my time. Being a mommy is well worth it and I wouldnt trade it for nothing! Anywho with that being said I rarely put clothes on or take pics for that matter lol. Last nite was different though, I went on a movie date and took the chance to dress up! Most of the pieces were inspired by some of my fave vloggers and bloggers.

The trench coat was inspired by Garnerstyle recent trench coat post!

I picked this dress up from after seeing vlogger amandadubhere rock 
it this summer!
Here's a closeup of my FOTN. I used wetnwild vanity palette, ELF concealer and NYX Shocking Pink on my lips.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

California Dreaming

Hey Guys!! This a quick post of my look from this past weekend.  I went to lunch, a fish fry and the movies with my pudd Jessica.  I was going for a casual and cool look.  I think I pulled it off what say ye? lol If you haven't seen the Kevin Hart Let Me Explain movie do yourself a favor and check it out! Ok enough of the chit chat here's the look...
Lately I've been rocking my hair in a twisted bun since its so HOT in Mobile! Ill have a protective style soon.

Crop Top-Alloy
Cool out Shorts-Target

My California Dreaming Salad, Tijuana Wings and well drink (Pineapple Juice and whatever liquor was in the well lol).  My first alcoholic beverage post baby and it was soooo good smh.

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Ok guys until next time
*Thanks so much for all the prayers for Baby Barry, BJ and Me*