Sunday, September 30, 2012


Wow this is my 100th post and my blog will be one years old on the 15th!  I have accomplished so many milestones within this year and I appreciate you all for tagging along for the ride! The fun is just beginning so come on ride this train (dance break) lol!

I know a few of my BLM sisters hate the acronym Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) but it represents this post oh so well!  Im not getting any younger and my clubbin days are dwindling (future plans on marriage and kids *waiting on BJ to pop the question, he already know the ring size lol).  Anywho my plans for yesterday was a dinner date with my bestie Jessica but you all know with women plans change!  We both knew I had to report to work at 5:30 a.m. but we wanted to party anyways, screaming Y.O.L.O and know Im at work paying for it! LOL

After riding around Mobile being nosey in the rain we finally decided to go to Pure the nightclub.  Rewind I said being nosey because we saw a party bus get pulled over at a gas station! The twist is the party bus was filled with underage drunk/tipsy kids one of which was suffering from alcohol poisoning smh.  On top of that a parent of one of the teens was the driver/owner of the party bus!

Ok ok enough of that get into this outfit!
Just when I was getting use to taking pictures outside daylight savings and the rain forced me back in!

I freakin love this peplum top! I purchased it earlier this week and hope it comes in more colors!

Wow I guess all the walking at work and drinking insane amounts of water is paying off!

Peplum Top-Forever 21+

I'm forever ordering something hence the post office box lol.  I hope I make it through the no
shopping challenge, yall pray for a sista!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cheddars Part Deux

You read right I ventured out to Cheddars again this evening for a coworkers family memebers birthday.  Needless to say, we did not stay because the wait was 2 hours! Can you believe that?  We ending up at Outback the drink was amazing and I got a free sundae since my birthday was on the 5th.

Lets get into this outfit!  If you are following me on facebook, you may have saw the picture I upload of this romper.  I purchased this romper at the beginning of Summer for regular price.  Well Forever 21 decided to put it onsale for $11.99 and proceed to then take 50% off ( Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice!?)  Dont you just love that! lol

These babies were a steal at $20!

Romper-Forever 21
Pink Pumps-JcPenney (Old)

I love the back of this romper!


I heard they lookin for me, hear I go!
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Casual Attractions: Cheddars

Its the weekend baby and oh how I have missed thee!  Yesterday me and my girl Shayla decided to catch a late dinner at a new restaurant.  I use the term late loosely seeing as we waited forever on our food!  The new restaurant is Cheddars, some of you may have heard of them but its the first one in Mobile and boy was it packed to capacity!  The building itself is super nice and the food was okay, it has potential.  We do plan on going back later during the week but definitely not on a Friday nite!

I decided to dress casual because I didn't know what to expect.  Here lately Ive been shopping my closet not really making purchases because one I haven't seen anything and two if I do purchase something its less than $20!  After putting this outfit together I noticed both pieces still had tags on them lol.  I shop entirely too much but its my stress reliever! I'm not saying I only shop when I'm stressed though because I rarely let stuff get to me and usually if I'm bother I handle the situation accordingly.

Lets get into it....

I freakin love these loafers! I plan on getting the other prints and colors soon! They are definitely a fall favorite and a great alternative to heels

Yall will definitely be seeing this shirt again!  Its very versatile you can dress it up or down!

I love rocking a faux bun and I had to get it out my system.  Ill be getting my roots dyed soon, let me know if you want a recap on my salon visit.

I'm still playing around with my camera I took these shots I took right before the sun went down.

I love these earrings from jewelmint but I haven't made a purchase in awhile.

**Thank you all for the congratulatory comments on my big announcement!  I also am the new natural hair contributor for My Urban Access which is an online magazine!  I still have more announcements but they are still in the works so stay tuned!  I am so grateful hard work pays off!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Announcement!!!

I have been holding this announcement(s) for awhile now but it is time to let the cat out of the bag!  I have only been blogging for about a year (October 15, 2012 is my blog's 1st birthday) but I have truly been blessed to meet so many diverse and creative bloggers from all over the world!  Through my blog and the BLM group I have meet many women who have given me the opportunity to collaborate/feature with them on their personal blogs/websites.  With that being said I am happy to announce that I , yes she (in my Tamar voice) is the fashion contributor for Longing4Length!

Longing4Lenght or L4L, is the brain child of Ebony C Princess!  A fellow BLM Girl, she ventured out and decided to incorporate fashion into her blog which focused mainly on growing healthy hair.  I was so excited when she choice me as the fashion contributor!  Make sure you checkout the new L4L team which includes EbonyCPrincess, myself and two other BLM Girls ChicRoni (Roni) and CurlsandMo(Monet)!  We have so much in store for you all!

Here is our lovely introduction to the L4L page, L4LStaff check it out and get to know our team better!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for tagging along with me on this journey!  Now let get this party started!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

OOTD: Crop Top & Maxi

Hey Yall! I just wanted to post a quick OOTD.  I didn't really do much today but go and get my nails and toes did courtesy of my bay.  I think he was trying to tell me something but a mani and pedi on somebody else tab Ill take that!  Any who the weekend is all most here baby!  Now get into this outfit!

End of summer trend! Tshirts and maxi skirts, of course I had to add my on flair and make it a crop top!

Skirt-Old Navy
Jacket-Lane Bryant

The color of this skirt, yes gawd! Oh and the price $7!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pink Matter

I love shopping as you all may know by now lol.  Im always getting inbox messages about what are some online and in store places to find fashionable plus size clothing.  I was recently asked this same question on my instagram page.  I gave her the usually heavy hitters Forever 21 and  ASOS but I also told her to check Jcpenney.  Most people overlook Jcpenney because most assume the clothing is matronly or basically old fashioned!  I beg to differ I love shopping at Jcpenney, they have a wide variety of lines that cater to all women no matter their age.  For my shoealolics they have some fab shoes and boots as well.  Since I hadn't been in awhile I decided to hit them up and boy did I score!  I found some fabulous pieces that are on trend now as well as for the fall.  DON'T SLEEP ON JCPENNEY!

I love the color of this blazer! It will give any outfit that pop of color.




Crop Top-Target
Jeans-Lane Bryant


I love this shoe and of course the print on these jeans are killa!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Casual Attraction: Labor Day

Its back to work for some of ya'll, not me I'm off today lol!  Yesterday was Labor Day and I did more than I expected.  My first plans were to go to my mama house to eat all of her ribs, my grandma house for potato salad (she forgot to slice the eggs on top though lol), and to my boyfriends grandma house for dressing and to check on her since my boyfriends' dad passed on Thursday :(.  I eventually got a chance to do all of my plans but in the meantime I met up with my cousin and we went to her dads' house for a BBQ/Birthday party (Virgos in the house)!  I hadn't seen my uncle in sooooo long and he is crazier than ever but I had a great time!

I love how this picture came out! My lens was still foggy unbeknowst me, so it gave it this cloudy effect.

I have had this romper for about 5 months and decided to pull it out my closet! I'm so glad I did because it was so freakin hot and this romper is light and flowy.

For some reason I had an itch to blow out my hair.  Lawd I love it so much my fro fell into place on its own, so that lets me know my ends are not as raggedy as I thought.  Also on tomorrow I will not only be celebrating my 27th birthday but my post relaxer anniversary as well!  Two years ago to the day I got my last perm, which wasn't a full perm but a halo. 

The winner of the Ready to Stare Giveaway is Andrea of SoDreWrites!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Guest Blogger!

I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend! Just stopping in to let you guys know I have my first guest blogger feature over at glamnolabelz!  Here is a sneak peak...
Check out the post to see what piece are hot for the upcoming fall and how I plan on incorporating them into my wardrobe!  There will be more features and looks to follow, so stay tuned!