Saturday, September 22, 2012

Casual Attractions: Cheddars

Its the weekend baby and oh how I have missed thee!  Yesterday me and my girl Shayla decided to catch a late dinner at a new restaurant.  I use the term late loosely seeing as we waited forever on our food!  The new restaurant is Cheddars, some of you may have heard of them but its the first one in Mobile and boy was it packed to capacity!  The building itself is super nice and the food was okay, it has potential.  We do plan on going back later during the week but definitely not on a Friday nite!

I decided to dress casual because I didn't know what to expect.  Here lately Ive been shopping my closet not really making purchases because one I haven't seen anything and two if I do purchase something its less than $20!  After putting this outfit together I noticed both pieces still had tags on them lol.  I shop entirely too much but its my stress reliever! I'm not saying I only shop when I'm stressed though because I rarely let stuff get to me and usually if I'm bother I handle the situation accordingly.

Lets get into it....

I freakin love these loafers! I plan on getting the other prints and colors soon! They are definitely a fall favorite and a great alternative to heels

Yall will definitely be seeing this shirt again!  Its very versatile you can dress it up or down!

I love rocking a faux bun and I had to get it out my system.  Ill be getting my roots dyed soon, let me know if you want a recap on my salon visit.

I'm still playing around with my camera I took these shots I took right before the sun went down.

I love these earrings from jewelmint but I haven't made a purchase in awhile.

**Thank you all for the congratulatory comments on my big announcement!  I also am the new natural hair contributor for My Urban Access which is an online magazine!  I still have more announcements but they are still in the works so stay tuned!  I am so grateful hard work pays off!
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  1. Awsome blog ! please check out my blog I am following you also.

  2. Kelly this is too cute! I need to find someone to take pics of me when I'm actually having a good outfit day! LOL I'm in the Nashville area and the Cheddar's here is packed ALL THE TIME! You would think they were giving away free food.