Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Casual Attraction: Labor Day

Its back to work for some of ya'll, not me I'm off today lol!  Yesterday was Labor Day and I did more than I expected.  My first plans were to go to my mama house to eat all of her ribs, my grandma house for potato salad (she forgot to slice the eggs on top though lol), and to my boyfriends grandma house for dressing and to check on her since my boyfriends' dad passed on Thursday :(.  I eventually got a chance to do all of my plans but in the meantime I met up with my cousin and we went to her dads' house for a BBQ/Birthday party (Virgos in the house)!  I hadn't seen my uncle in sooooo long and he is crazier than ever but I had a great time!

I love how this picture came out! My lens was still foggy unbeknowst me, so it gave it this cloudy effect.

I have had this romper for about 5 months and decided to pull it out my closet! I'm so glad I did because it was so freakin hot and this romper is light and flowy.

For some reason I had an itch to blow out my hair.  Lawd I love it so much my fro fell into place on its own, so that lets me know my ends are not as raggedy as I thought.  Also on tomorrow I will not only be celebrating my 27th birthday but my post relaxer anniversary as well!  Two years ago to the day I got my last perm, which wasn't a full perm but a halo. 

The winner of the Ready to Stare Giveaway is Andrea of SoDreWrites!
Congrats Andrea I will be contacting you soon!



  1. Let me tell you that you are rocking that fro miss honey. You look hot in this romper too :-) And I want to be the first to tell you happy early birthday!

    and how bout YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to be the winner of the giveaway! Thanks so much, girlie!

  2. Very cute hunnie!!!! Love the hair Happy Early Birthday!!!!!

  3. Thats a really cute romper!!!! I'm a new fan of your blog!

  4. Love the look! Your hair is always on point too. I have transitioned into the natural world so I look forward to the inspiration!

  5. Cute romper!! VIRGOS!!! Yea!! =D

  6. So sorry for your honey's lost, hope him & his fam are holding up okay ! You look fab, as always and happy early birthday (you know you are not turning 27, you need to quit playing lol)

  7. Wow, you look great, and I love love love your blow-out fro!

  8. Romper & your hair is über cute!!!!