Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sass Boutique

As I mentioned before, I am the plus size model for Sass Boutique!  Sass Boutique is an online store that caters to both plus size and smaller sizes.  She also offers trendy jewelry that is reasonable priced.  Here are a few pictures from my recent photo shoot showcasing some of her new fall items.  All items are available on the site (leather jackets not for purchase).  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (KellyMonroe_01) you have already seen this pictures but stay tuned there are more!

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OOTN: Adult Skate Night

Hey yall!!! Ive missed you guys lol I know it hasn't been that long since I did a post but I was starting to feel as if I was getting boxed in.  I'm over that now though after talking with JuicyCarter and my L4L sistas, I realize I'm headed in the right direction!  I'm so excited with all of the things blogging has blessed me to do i.e. networking and writing post for other established sites and drumroll please officially modeling for a online boutique!!!

Ok so let me tell me about my experience at adult skate night lol.  I had heard about it but I wanted to experience it for myself. It was just what I expected, little skating going on and people standing around sightseeing lol.  I went with my cousin Bianca who turned the big three oh but she didn't want to skate lol.  Though people weren't skating forreal I still enjoyed myself and I love when a DJ keeps the party dancing.  Speaking of partying, I finally got to see my boo WALE in concert! Yes!!!! If you get a chance to see him in concert do yourself a favor and go! He is very entertaining, sexy, handsome, and  he could get it *in my Beyonce voice* lol.

Ok here is what I wore to the skating rink.  I felt so under dressed seeing as people were dressed for the club smh.  I was still cute and turning heads, BOW (so ratchet at times lol).
Peplum Top-ASOS
Jacket-Fashion to Figure

Yes I was outside in the dark lol

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That's that Shit I dont Like!

***Disclaimer this post will be full of Ratchness, read at your own risk!**
If you haven't heard of this song by Chief Keith then scroll to the bottom but be warned it is profanity laced smh!  I posed a question on the BLM Girl page about us bloggers doing our own version of the infamous "That's the Shit I don't Like" craze on youtube! I had a lot of bloggers willing to do it so here is mine lol.  Like Boosie said we all got a little ratchet in us lol

When people go to the restroom and don’t wash their hands! Just nasty ßTHAT’S that Shit I DON’T LIKE
Bad ass kids (I believe this is true for everybody except those with the bad ass kids)! Ill fight a kid in my *Bernie Mac voice
Fat folks claiming they thick! Sorry to inform you but you my dear is not thick! They have umpteen million diagrams floating around the Internet! Find out which shape/fruit you are please stop calling yourself thick! I don’t even consider myself thick others may but I'm just Kelly! Point blank and the period.
When babies (arm babies) smell/stank! Ugh babies are suppose to smell like baby powder and Johnson & Johnson lotions!  Like why yo baby stank?! ß That’s that shit I don’t like!
Sneak dissing! Please don’t jump from social network to social network to diss/talk about people! Tell that person how you feel.  Like I'm very blunt if you bother me Ill let you know! You wont have to go on FB/Twitter to know what I need you to know. ß That’s that shit I don’t like!
Spitting! Spitting on the sidewalk, in the trash can or on people (Ol girl got chin checked for spitting on that bus driver, she wont do that no more!).  If you spit on me that’s grounds for a complete arse whooping! Aint gonna be no talking!
When people make assumptions about a person based off something someone else told them! Like make your own decisions! Damn you don’t even know the person! Getcho Life! ß That’s the shit I don’t like!
When people don’t flush the toilet! Like you nasty bastard I don’t wanna go in the restroom and see turds! Flush that shit (literally) and the same people that don’t flush don’t wash their hands! UghßThat’s the shit I don’t like!
When people make sly comments about my hair!  Its my hair and I'm sensitive about my shit! I don’t want your opinion on my hair! ßThat’s the shit I don’t like
When people tell me to smile (especially dudes, I think they be trying to holla)!  If I walk around cheesing then you gonna think I'm crazy but if I don’t I have an attitude. Make up your mind which one you want me to do?! ßThat’s that shit I don’t like
When people get in front of me and walk slow!!! Ugh move bish I'm on a mission! <-- That's that Shit I don't Like
Lol its all in fun yall (even though this stuff I dont like)! Now im tagging all of yall and let me know if you participate! Also check out one my fellow BLM girl Brittonand the shit she dont like!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to stop in and wish my baby, my blog a Happy 1st Birthday! I'm truly grateful for all of you who take the time out to read and comment on my blog! I'm very passionate about what I do and glad you guys are on this roller coaster ride with me!

To show my appreciation and celebrate my baby's birthday, I'm hosting a giveaway! Of course I had to checkout MAC's recent release of the Marilyn Monroe Collection.  I loved the lipsticks they are so Marilyn and I also learned some fun facts about her.

I decided to giveaway one of my favorite lipsticks from the collection, Pure Zen! Its a nude that is more on the pink side and it looks great alone or with a gloss on top.
Here is a picture of me rocking Pure Zen!  I recreated Gabrielle Union's look for the cover of People Style Watch.

That's not it! Along with the lipstick I decided to through in this lovely handbag! 

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Thanks Again!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OOTD: Dogs & Mosquitoes

Good Morning!  I'm in such a good mood!  Well I'm always in a good mood lol but I guess it has something to do with me going to see my baby Wale next weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have a huge crush on Wale lol.  I actually have full out word/pic fights with other women on IG (its all in fun though)!  They gon learn today I don't play about my boo so have several seats ladies lol.
I titled this dogs and mosquitoes for two very simple reasons, the mosquitoes were tagging my arse while I was taking this pictures and a pack of dogs strolled up on me!  My mama says I have sweet blood because the mosquitoes only bite me! Everybody can be outside but as soon as I sit down I get eaten alive ugh!  Now yall know I love animals but I'm scared of other people dogs especially if I don't know them (hell they have teeth and bite).  Well while snapping these pics a pack of dogs decided they wanted to be in the pictures too lol. They were friendly but I wasn't taking any chance I politely made my way back into my apt!

Enough rambling get into my OOTD...
Leggings & Wedges-Torrid
Belt-The Limited

Alabama is the Azalea State

Don't you hate when your leggings roll down and those mosquitoes again lol

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Casual Attraction: Saturday Shopping

I just wanted to pop in with a quick OOTD from yesterday! I spent some quality time with my mom, so we did what most females do lol, a little shopping!  We went to one of my mom's favorite stores, Stein Mart! Boy did we get some great deals on home decor and purses! We printed off 50% off coupons that could be used on already reduced clearance, winning!  I found some great purses including a Steve Madden purse for $12 and its too cute!

I was trying to position myself to where yall couldn't see the tape on my arms lol.  I had to
go to the hospital Friday and the nurse stuck me multiple times to get an iv started (I'm fine now
I have to follow up with a surgeon though, I'm scared lol).  Does anyone know how to get this
tape off?

Love printed jeans and colored jeans!

Top-The Limited
Jeans-Lane Bryant

Aren't these jeans fab and they fit amazingly!

Well here is to a fabulous week ahead!

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(Oh I forgot to mention one of the purses will be going to one of you so stay tuned!)