Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OOTD: Dogs & Mosquitoes

Good Morning!  I'm in such a good mood!  Well I'm always in a good mood lol but I guess it has something to do with me going to see my baby Wale next weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have a huge crush on Wale lol.  I actually have full out word/pic fights with other women on IG (its all in fun though)!  They gon learn today I don't play about my boo so have several seats ladies lol.
I titled this dogs and mosquitoes for two very simple reasons, the mosquitoes were tagging my arse while I was taking this pictures and a pack of dogs strolled up on me!  My mama says I have sweet blood because the mosquitoes only bite me! Everybody can be outside but as soon as I sit down I get eaten alive ugh!  Now yall know I love animals but I'm scared of other people dogs especially if I don't know them (hell they have teeth and bite).  Well while snapping these pics a pack of dogs decided they wanted to be in the pictures too lol. They were friendly but I wasn't taking any chance I politely made my way back into my apt!

Enough rambling get into my OOTD...
Leggings & Wedges-Torrid
Belt-The Limited

Alabama is the Azalea State

Don't you hate when your leggings roll down and those mosquitoes again lol

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  1. Girl you know Wale is MY BOO! Sat down... anyways, you know I always love your outfits... fab as usual... I need those pants! Lol

  2. I love the subtle leopard on leopard!! u look great and that hair yassssssss

  3. U look gorgie!!

  4. Girl those leggings are FIRE and so is your hair! Thank you for the sweet comments! Kiah

  5. Great outfit! Compliments your figure just right!