Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That's that Shit I dont Like!

***Disclaimer this post will be full of Ratchness, read at your own risk!**
If you haven't heard of this song by Chief Keith then scroll to the bottom but be warned it is profanity laced smh!  I posed a question on the BLM Girl page about us bloggers doing our own version of the infamous "That's the Shit I don't Like" craze on youtube! I had a lot of bloggers willing to do it so here is mine lol.  Like Boosie said we all got a little ratchet in us lol

When people go to the restroom and don’t wash their hands! Just nasty ßTHAT’S that Shit I DON’T LIKE
Bad ass kids (I believe this is true for everybody except those with the bad ass kids)! Ill fight a kid in my *Bernie Mac voice
Fat folks claiming they thick! Sorry to inform you but you my dear is not thick! They have umpteen million diagrams floating around the Internet! Find out which shape/fruit you are please stop calling yourself thick! I don’t even consider myself thick others may but I'm just Kelly! Point blank and the period.
When babies (arm babies) smell/stank! Ugh babies are suppose to smell like baby powder and Johnson & Johnson lotions!  Like why yo baby stank?! ß That’s that shit I don’t like!
Sneak dissing! Please don’t jump from social network to social network to diss/talk about people! Tell that person how you feel.  Like I'm very blunt if you bother me Ill let you know! You wont have to go on FB/Twitter to know what I need you to know. ß That’s that shit I don’t like!
Spitting! Spitting on the sidewalk, in the trash can or on people (Ol girl got chin checked for spitting on that bus driver, she wont do that no more!).  If you spit on me that’s grounds for a complete arse whooping! Aint gonna be no talking!
When people make assumptions about a person based off something someone else told them! Like make your own decisions! Damn you don’t even know the person! Getcho Life! ß That’s the shit I don’t like!
When people don’t flush the toilet! Like you nasty bastard I don’t wanna go in the restroom and see turds! Flush that shit (literally) and the same people that don’t flush don’t wash their hands! UghßThat’s the shit I don’t like!
When people make sly comments about my hair!  Its my hair and I'm sensitive about my shit! I don’t want your opinion on my hair! ßThat’s the shit I don’t like
When people tell me to smile (especially dudes, I think they be trying to holla)!  If I walk around cheesing then you gonna think I'm crazy but if I don’t I have an attitude. Make up your mind which one you want me to do?! ßThat’s that shit I don’t like
When people get in front of me and walk slow!!! Ugh move bish I'm on a mission! <-- That's that Shit I don't Like
Lol its all in fun yall (even though this stuff I dont like)! Now im tagging all of yall and let me know if you participate! Also check out one my fellow BLM girl Brittonand the shit she dont like!


  1. Yep! Full of ratchetness...but it made me laugh! Maybe I'll have to do one, PG rated of course! LOL

  2. LOL! About 5 of yours are mine also. LOL! On my list is folks who don't wash there hands and want to touch my shit. Hellz naw. I damn near dropped a chick in law school for that.

  3. I am cracking up at you!! Just a mess!! LMAO!!!

    PS, that video of them dudes makes me uncomfortable. Bang, bang. LOL!

  4. Bang, bang.

    I LOVE the remix. The original version (and video) is just hood central, yo. And dude is only 16 years old. AND he made that video in his grandma's basement while he was on house arrest. #themoreyouknow

    Anywho, love this post! I totally agree with the whole 'You should smile' paragraph. That truly gets on my nerves.

  5. I'm still dying laughing at that Stank Babies rant...and YES that not flushing the toilet? Why? Don't nobody wanna see your bodily fluids! Disgusting as hell! This was fun! :-)

  6. LOLOLOLOLOL! Kelly honey I'm dying laughing over here! That not washing hands or flushing toilets business-- too nasty. And smelly babies? Really though? lol.

    Now the thing I think I agree with the most is that sneak dissing. I can't stand when someone bounce around these social networking streets with so much to say about the next person. I think I left a mini rant about this on Britton's post lol.

    This post was too funny and too real. I might have to do one too!

  7. How did I miss this on the BLM group? This is too funny, and some so very true.

  8. I reallllllly hate when guys tell me to smile. Like REALLY. I'm actually a pretty bubbly person and my bestie nicknamed me Suzy when they say "smile" I'm like UGHHHHHH I smile plenty! If you wanted to say hi, you should've just said hi and left it at that. UGHHHH!