Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OOTN: Adult Skate Night

Hey yall!!! Ive missed you guys lol I know it hasn't been that long since I did a post but I was starting to feel as if I was getting boxed in.  I'm over that now though after talking with JuicyCarter and my L4L sistas, I realize I'm headed in the right direction!  I'm so excited with all of the things blogging has blessed me to do i.e. networking and writing post for other established sites and drumroll please officially modeling for a online boutique!!!

Ok so let me tell me about my experience at adult skate night lol.  I had heard about it but I wanted to experience it for myself. It was just what I expected, little skating going on and people standing around sightseeing lol.  I went with my cousin Bianca who turned the big three oh but she didn't want to skate lol.  Though people weren't skating forreal I still enjoyed myself and I love when a DJ keeps the party dancing.  Speaking of partying, I finally got to see my boo WALE in concert! Yes!!!! If you get a chance to see him in concert do yourself a favor and go! He is very entertaining, sexy, handsome, and  he could get it *in my Beyonce voice* lol.

Ok here is what I wore to the skating rink.  I felt so under dressed seeing as people were dressed for the club smh.  I was still cute and turning heads, BOW (so ratchet at times lol).
Peplum Top-ASOS
Jacket-Fashion to Figure

Yes I was outside in the dark lol

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  1. LMAOOOO at "BOW"! They ain't ready! Love the top!

  2. LOL! I love that top. I almost bought that myself. :)

  3. You look adorable - and less is more - we dont need to dress like the rachetness I see out there...lol and I love your peplum top - very cute.

  4. Love your outfit, very cute. And your hair looks fab as always :)

  5. cute outfit love your hair!!
    thnx for stopping by =)