Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flea Market Saturday

Today I decided to go to the flea market just to get out the house on this beautiful day.  It was so hot lol from all of the walking from aisle to aisle and all of the people.  I was going to get Big Red a rabbit but we didn't have a cage.  Randomly, my mom has one sitting around the house, so course I hate letting her down so I'm going to get her one tomorrow.  Below are a few pics of my OOTD...
Tank/Maxi Skirt-The Limited
Bullet Necklace-Jewelmint
I know yall are tired of me saying it but follow me on Instagram (Kelleashia) lol
Dessert from a local seafood restaurant-peach cobbler and ice cream
We took Big Red to get fitted for her summer sandals
Being Silly!
My mom, sister Meghian & Big Red of course!
Cheese she is rocking one of her new pair of sandals, she got them in four colors: Gold, Red, Fuchsia Pink & White.  She is already becoming a shoe fanatic like her aunt lol!

Cheers to the Weekend!


  1. Aww she's so cute! We should hang out one day, I don't know anyone down here (outside of my boyfriends family) lol

  2. Cute!

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

  3. Sweet one kelly (:
    Hope you'll stop by mine as well

  4. you have amazing jewelry !! i lose mine so quick lol !! loving your natural hair