Sunday, June 24, 2012


What's up What's up ( I have no idea why I'm turnt up at 12am.) lol!  Any who here is my rendition on the BDIB Mint+Coral addition! I decided to change it up a little instead of wearing a coral and mint clothing pieces, I wore mint and my jewelery was coral. Take a look below....

Love these wedges from Torrid! Leopard print of course

Bullet Necklace-Jewelmint
Coral bracelet-Torrid
Coral earrings-Inpink ( I won a gift card a couple of months ago and picked this up.  Good Timing!)
Jacket-Forever 21+
Tank & Mint Jeans-The Limited
Dressing room pic, always shopping smh
I have been getting a few questions on my hair.  Her name is Kara Girl (my protective styles for the summer are wigs).

Enjoy your week Babies
Hoping Debby the Tropical Storm goes the other way!


  1. That whole outfit is cute! love it.

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  3. I guess I will have to check around for Kara Girl! Cute Look

  4. i really need those mint jeans! will have to see if the limited in my mall has some. cuuuuute shoes

  5. You look great, girl! I love those jeans!!

  6. I love the mint with chambray. Great look!