Sunday, December 2, 2012


I know I have been Missing in Action and neglecting my blog lately.   I will start doing better and explain it all in due time.  I have been trying to work out a schedule to stick with for posting on my blog seeing as I have other projects and sites I contribute to.  I promise to post at least one outfit look a week or at least a haul or review just to keep my blog alive lol.  This don't have ish to do with ish but lately I have been jamming to Rhianna new LP Unapologetic! If I say so myself she did that some of my favorite songs are Pour It Up, Nobody Business feat. Chris Brown, Love Song feat. Future and Numb feat. Eminem, just to name a few.

Enough small talk get into this OOTD...

I have been trying to shop my closet here lately and I came of with this look. 

Denim Top-Lane Bryant
Bodycon Skirt-Forever 21+

I have over 8 of these skirts with tags on them, smh!  I guess I have found a way to
incorporate them into my fall/winter wardrobe.

Most Torrid boots have the zipper on the inside.  For some reason these were constructed with
zipper in the back.  I like it though lol.

Like most Torrid knee boots, they have elastic added to allow the boots to come up
wide calves.  This allows for comfort ability and ease of wear.

Stay tuned for more bodycon skirt looks and in the meantime find me on other social



  1. YES to that denim top! I've been itching to get one myself!

  2. omggggggggggggggggg so hot!! I have this skirt and never wore it!!

  3. its sad, that i still DO NOT have a denim bottom down. Ive been meaning to get one... oh yea i love rihanna cd as well, my fav song is STAY!

  4. Love the print on that skirt!


  5. Cute!! I need a denim shirt baaaddd!!

    1. Brandie me and you both.. I did see one at Target and just hvnt made my way back to get it... smh.. im sooo bad at procrastinating!

  6. this is so cute! love the skirt!

  7. this outfit is sooo cute!!! u look amazing.. loving the boots miss lady!!

  8. Nice are working that skirt!



  9. That skirt & boots...Sexiness all day!

  10. I have those boots! I just wore them again for the first time in a couple years on Friday! I love them and sooo comfortable!

  11. Hey Kelly, that skirt is sooooo cute! Look at you showing off those big ol thighs. Work It!