Tuesday, July 23, 2013

California Dreaming

Hey Guys!! This a quick post of my look from this past weekend.  I went to lunch, a fish fry and the movies with my pudd Jessica.  I was going for a casual and cool look.  I think I pulled it off what say ye? lol If you haven't seen the Kevin Hart Let Me Explain movie do yourself a favor and check it out! Ok enough of the chit chat here's the look...
Lately I've been rocking my hair in a twisted bun since its so HOT in Mobile! Ill have a protective style soon.

Crop Top-Alloy
Cool out Shorts-Target

My California Dreaming Salad, Tijuana Wings and well drink (Pineapple Juice and whatever liquor was in the well lol).  My first alcoholic beverage post baby and it was soooo good smh.

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Ok guys until next time
*Thanks so much for all the prayers for Baby Barry, BJ and Me*


  1. Love the entire look especially the shorts!!

  2. You look AMAZING for a woman who just had a baby!! girl California Dreaming is my FAVORITE spot!! I get the EXACT same thing you have pictured above..It is soo good!!

  3. I like your shorts! leopard print is my neutral! You wore it well!