Monday, October 31, 2011

Magic City 2011

Heyyyyy everyone I hope your week has started off with a bang!  This weekend i visited Birmingham for the Magic City Classic.  It is an annual football game played between AAMU and ASU.  I haven't been to the classics since 2006, so it was definitely time for me to visit.  I traveled to Birmingham with some fellow coworkers abroad a Kappa charter bus, so you know that was an event in itself.  We arrived early to take part in the tailgating festivities followed by the game which AAMU won (20-19).  Every year the committee chooses a Grand Marshall for the weekend, this year it was the beautiful Lisa Raye McCoy.  I also spotted Ricky Smiley, who is a native of Birmingham, as i was leaving the stadium.  I'm not a football fan so the game wasn't that interesting to me but oooooh baby that halftime show was the business!  ASU may have not won the game but they damn sure won the halftime show courtesy of the HONEYBEES!  This was my first encounter of the bees and if you are not familiar with them, they are a group of full figured majorettes! Yes baby they were doing flips, splits, and down right working that field!  All in all i had a good time and cant wait til next year!
This my OOTD: Leopard sweater (forever 21+), distressed jeans (ross), & boots (torrid)

a close up of my sweater which i love leopard print!
In this pic i was trying to show the detail of my necklace but my lovely fro is out doing it! #werk
ok so here is a close up!


  1. Just came across your blog today, and I'm really enjoying it. I like your personal style! But mainly I wanted to say how MUCH I love your hair! Gah, if only mine would do that...

  2. Great look for the game! Love it!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway :o)

  3. you've probably heard it like a million times already lol, but i love you hair, it looks amazing and it really suits you :)
    I like your locket aswell its really cute
    Kiwi ..x

  4. First I love love love your hair color, it's wonderful on you and second your shit is giving me life!!! I love animal print its so wonderful

  5. Lol thank you! Yes to animal print!

  6. Omg I cant believe I spelled shirt wrong! Smh I meant your shirt is giving me life lol! Stupid auto correct. But your welcome :)