Sunday, October 23, 2011

Warm Beer Cold Women!

This weekend was rather bittersweet for me.  My boyfriend is headed back to work for a couple of weeks so i get kinda sad when time draws near for him to leave.  Nevertheless we spent some quality time together.  On thursday at midnight we stood in line to watch Paranormal Activity 3 (we both love love scary/thiller movies) the movie was pretty good we just didnt like the ending! Friday we had plans to go to the Greater Gulf State Fair but once we got there it was a different story, the fair is too damn expensive we both was like WTH, so the fair was a no go lol.  Instead we went downtown to the Music Box which is a perdominately white club, he thought i would be uncomfortable for some reason but not i love people period i careless about color.  The Music Box was hosting their annual costume contest (sorry i have no pictures since it was a last minute venture)  anywho my boyfriend's friend won best costume he was Captain America!  He made the helmet out of paper mache which i thought was very creative!  We rounded off the weekend at home watching movies and him cooking because my baby is a great chef and I love to eat!

This is what i planned on wearing to the fair because it gets pretty chilly outside during the month of october
This is a close up of my accessories:  oversized pearl earrings; i decided to wear this because i wouldnt be to upset if i lost them on a ride lol.  I got the flower hair pin from Forever 21. SN: i got so many compliments on my hair at the Music Box!

Thigh High Grey Boots from Torrid
My cardigan came from Jcpenney
The Fit!
Another picture just because i'm so photogenic lol!  Oh i forgot to mention the title came from a poster i saw in the club i thought it was cute/funny! See yall next weekend XOXO


  1. i love those boots...and your hair is stunning.

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend anyway - love those boots girl!!!

  3. I love the whole outfit! Very well put together! Keep it up!

  4. The cardigan is so cute! I like your hair as well, although I'm not that brave to go natural. I've done the "big chop" but threw some relaxer in that b*tch right away!