Saturday, December 17, 2011

OOTN: Leather & Lace, Leopard, and a splash of Turquoise Blue too!(Pic Heavy)

Hey babies i hope yall are enjoying the weekend! So last nite i went out with my friend for her pre-birthday celebration! We both had a long work week so of course we needed some drinks to wind down lol. Our first stop was Applebee's for food and drinks, that's all we needed to get the party started!  We then headed to a nightclub, PURE usually caters to the babies (18 and up) on Friday nites but i digress we went in lol. It was so packed and the floor was wet from beer and i guess ice from the cups they were throwing on the floor, needless to say i will not be going back to party with the babies on Friday nites lol. Any who here is what i wore
So i forgot to take a picture with the jacket on but it wasn't as cold as i thought it would be.  The jacket will def be in future post so check back!

Ok so for a little embarrassment lol the dress is fully laced with a tank style dress underneath, so why did that damn tank dress keep riding up!? I'm pretty sure i flashed everybody in Applebee's lol smh

Usually when i take pictures for my blogpost i snap upteen million pictures lol! When i came across this one all i could think of was i channeled StyleChic360 (check her blog out if you haven't)

my signature pose you will see this often lol #fierce

i liked the blurriness of this pic!

The complete look:  Dress/Jacket-JcP, Clutch-Sassy B's (bday gift from mom), & Shoes-Torrid

Lastly i want to mention that my Baby turned 11months on the 15th I'm so happy with my hair growth!  This has been the start of an amazing journey! Shout out to all of my new & old babies thanks for check out my blog! Until next time XOXO


  1. those heels are cayuteeeee!

    you look fab doll :)


  2. You are SERVIN in that dress huntee.......ur legs are sooo pretty!! I wish my legs could look that long in dresses!!

  3. Sexy!! Love the heels!

  4. I try i try lol naw but thanks ladies i really do appreciate it