Sunday, March 4, 2012

HOTD: Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday didn't feel like flat twisting my hair the night before!  I went to bed no satin pillow case, head scarf or satin cap.  I woke up some curls still intact and a 2 page paper to finish (1st week of my 5th graduate class and I hate it already lol)! Finished up the paper, watched the last half of the Laker/Heat game (#TeamKobe/Lakers boo), took a shower and headed to my mom's for Sunday dinner.  I figured whats the point of putting on clothes if my hair is not combed lol, so i threw on a tank, sweats, flip flops and my Jessica Simpson shades (fierce even when I'm lazy hunty).  Pushed my baby into a puff through on some Revlon Pink in the Afternoon Lipstick and I was out...



  1. Your hair still looks gorgeous hun
    And I love your shades and earrings
    Kiwi ..x

  2. You give GREAT face lol. I love your hair :)

  3. I love how you keep it real no matter what.... stay awesome

  4. OMG i freaking love the colors of your hair, and the placement (tips of lighter) color. How did you achieve this look??


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    1. Thank you. To make a long story short to achieve this it will take more than one dye job. I got my entire head dyed honey blonde(my ends were already dyed from a previous dye job when i first big chopped which is why they are lighter). Then after it grows out i get the roots did which is what you see know and i love it!

  5. Your hair is gorgeous! So are the shades! Thank you for following my blog. Yours is awesome! :)

  6. Cute your hair color!


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