Monday, March 26, 2012

Random: Playing in Makeup

Here are a few random picks of me trying out my bhcosmetics palette! #loveit

Big Red wanted some makeup too (you cant tell because we were rushing) lol I love this little girl!

OOTN: Outback

This weekend I had dinner at Outback with one my good friends.  Here is what I wore
Colorblocking: Jeans-Forever 21+, Blouse-JcP, & Sandals-Nine Wests


Sunday, March 18, 2012

HOTD: Ends Clipped

I got my ends clipped Friday! Here is my hair straightened and cut into a style. I freakin love it, yes Gawdd its lol! I wonder how long its gonna last, I'm gonna see if I can get at least 2 weeks out of it.
My hair has become a main attraction lol I havent done a OOTD in a few weeks smh.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

HOTW:Beautiful Textures

So I heard about this new product line called Beautiful Textures and decide since it was on the less expensive side I would give it a go!  Below you will see me rocking my week old flat twist.  I cowashed last Thursday and used the Beautiful Textures Leave-In Conditioner and Moisture Butter.  My hair loved this stuff and I didn't have to use that much product, which is a plus!  At night i would redo my flat twist using only my water bottle and in the mornings I would add my oil of choice if need be.

My tattoo wanted to be in the pictures also I guess lol.
I opened my sunroof so yall could get the full effect of my popping curls and color!
So what do yall think? I think the products are a winner.  I also purchased the Defining Pudding and I'll review that one when I try it out next week!
Shout to all of my babies (followers) old and new. I appreciate all of your comments and try my best to answer or thanking each of you personally. 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

HOTD: Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday didn't feel like flat twisting my hair the night before!  I went to bed no satin pillow case, head scarf or satin cap.  I woke up some curls still intact and a 2 page paper to finish (1st week of my 5th graduate class and I hate it already lol)! Finished up the paper, watched the last half of the Laker/Heat game (#TeamKobe/Lakers boo), took a shower and headed to my mom's for Sunday dinner.  I figured whats the point of putting on clothes if my hair is not combed lol, so i threw on a tank, sweats, flip flops and my Jessica Simpson shades (fierce even when I'm lazy hunty).  Pushed my baby into a puff through on some Revlon Pink in the Afternoon Lipstick and I was out...


Thursday, March 1, 2012