Monday, July 2, 2012

BH Cosmetics:Party Girl

I have currently been obessed with my recent purchase from BH Cosmetics!  The Party Girl palette is the bomb and has great color pay off.  Below are some of my recent FOTDs.
Excuse my facial expression it was HOT and the sun was blinding me lol!
The Palette!
Bra straps always making a cameo smh
Neutral Eye Look
Recreation of one of my fave youtubers: lilpumpkinpie05
Ruby Woo Yes Gawd!

Check them out by clicking the link to the right!



  1. Lol yes gawd nessa! I love your looks, especially the ruby woo and neutral eye. With the lighter colors, I use NYX's Milk eye pencil underneath. The milk makes the light colors pop better. :-)

  2. Very pretty! I really love the lip colors in the first two pics. You know how I love my nudes/light colors lol, what shade is that?

  3. Nice! I wish I wore seems like so much fun. THe colors are so pretty :)