Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This look was inspired by Alicia Keys during her performance on BET's Black Girls Rock!  From the moment I say her come on stage I knew I had to recreate this look.  The first thing to pop in my head was a pair of tuxedo pants that I purchased from Dorothy Perkins last year sometime.  The rest of the outfit just fell in place, vest check and killa shoe check check!
Alicia Keys open performance on Black Girls Rock!

I decided to wear this look on my lunch date with my boothang Jessica!  She is working on her camera skills and I love being her muse! She takes great shoots.  We had lunch at Buck's Pizza using on of my many Groupons lol.  That is Buck's Pizza behind me on the corner!

Alabama wind and humidity causes my tresses to frizz horrible! Ugh

The moment I realized I set in an ant bed! lol

Vest-Lane Bryant
Tuxedo Pants-Dorothy Perkins
Leopard Heels-Target

I found a new location to take pictures!

FOTD (Old Hollywood Glam)
Lips-Ruby Woo by MAC

Chef Salad! Bomb!

We decided to try the conecuh sausage pizza!  If you aren't from the south then you probably don't know what a Conecuh Sausage is but it is only the best sausage in the world!  Its actually produced in Conecuh, Alabama!  In the south we pretty much use it in dishes such as jambalaya, red beans and rices or for breakfast with grits!  Now its a pizza topping, gotta love the south!


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  1. Not really relevant but I went to elementary school with the curly haired dancer. I feel so proud seeing this pic right now.

    I love your version of Alicia's outfit. I think a bolder red lip would have been better tho.

    & I wish I would reach into the screen and grab one (or 6) of those wings. They look so delicious.

  2. awesome!! you did that girl!! lovely

  3. Your re-creation is AWESOME!! You did a great job! Very pretty!

  4. You better WERK IT! You look fabulous and I love those pants! xoxo

  5. Very cute! You DID THAT! and the food looks delicious! Now i'm hungry...thanks a!

  6. i loveee conecuh sausage lol you look cute!

  7. So i have these same pants. I couldn't figure out what the heck to do with them. Then the day i decided to wear them the botton broke! -___- One day I'll rock them