Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Perm Days

Hey babies! I hope your New Year is jumping off to a great start!  As you may know I am a newly natural and my 1 year BC anniversary is Jan. 15th!  I'm so excited this has been and will continue to be a great journey.  I have had more highs than lows with this journey, well my only low was my BF not liking it at first but it has "grown" on him lol.  So leading up to my anniversary I will be posting pictures from my journey, YAY!  Without further ado here are a few pics from my permed days, as you can see i have always loved blonde and I was and still am a fan on short/pixie cuts.
My first time going blonde (Honey Blonde)! I fell in love after that lol

Throwback pic of Me and Timeka of +SizedSouthernLady

Lol look at Big Red-Her hair was relaxed but since I started my journey we (me, my mom and sister) are helping her transition! I'm so excited because her original curl pattern is coming back.  She is not too excited about a BC so we have decided to just transition her to a length she is comfortable with.

Stay tuned for the transition pics next week! XOXO


  1. Love the throwback Kelly!!!! Lol!!!

  2. Girly u were rockn that short hair with the blonde! FIZZ!

  3. Oh I love the blonde. Wurk boo! I love it.
    I lvoe short hair as well!
    Love ur blog girlie...new follower :)


  4. Thanks ladies i miss those haircuts!