Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tag You're It!

Tag You’re It!

1.       Post these rules

2.       You must post 11 random things yourself

3.       Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post

4.       Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

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Shout out to style4curves for tagging me! Hey girl!

11 Random things about me…

I love animals, I actually want to work in a zoo but I hate bugs with a passion!


I love buying shoes but I rather go barefooted because I hate when my feet are confined lol #weird

I have an older brother but we don’t really get along basically we are cordial with each other and that’s it

I can become obsessed with things fairly quick lol…like nail polish I have bought over 20 bottles in the past  3 month lol

I want to start my own boutique for plus size fashion but I want it to be affordable and with great quality

Along with that boutique I want to design shoes for wide footed women like myself because if the shoe is supposed to be a wide and doesn’t fit me well it’s not really a “true” wide! (That’s what I tell myself when a shoe I want doesn’t fit lol)

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I LOVE CUPCAKES like yall have no idea lol.  My BF has my name and a cupcake tatted on his leg lol (that’s his pet name for me).

My favorite color is blue (all shades of blue!)

I’m a very shy person until I get to know you then you will be dying laughing at me because I am really goofy/silly!

Whenever I attend baby showers I always win the scramble game lol #thatwassorandombuttrue lol

My Q&A

1.       Do you still believe in love?

-Yes, I’m in love now!

2.       Heels or Sneakers?

-Heels, I own maybe 3 pairs of sneakers

3.       Are you where you thought you would be in life by now?

-Well, not exactly my plan was to go to med school but that didn’t work out, realized that was not what I wanted to do.  I’m content with where I’m at right now but I plan on moving on up this year!

4.       What would be your dream job?

-A zoologist, buyer, or stylist

5.       Would you consider to be social or antisocial?

-I’m a social butterfly

6.       Do you have pets? If so how many…

Yes, in total I have 4 dogs.  BJ and I have two pits (Nicki Minaj 1yr & Gucci 6 weeks), then I have 2 childhood dogs (Jai & Mousse)

7.       Why do you blog

-I started blogging because I was constantly stalking other blogs and figured hey I can do that, I believe it is a good networking tool!

8.       What do you do in real life?

-In real life I’m a Recreation Leader for the City of Mobile Parks and Recreation Department

9.       What’s your favorite hobby?

-Shopping, Duh lol no forreal I love to shop I need to stop but it’s so addictive (check out my #IDied post!)

10.   Are you frugal or an impulse buyer?

-A little of both usually I’m frugal but if I gotta a lil change (e.g. a school or income tax check) I shop on impulse lol

11.   How many siblings do you have?

-I have 2 younger sisters and 1 older brother.

Here are my questions

1.       If you had to pick on staple item from your closet what would it be?

2.       What’s yo sign!? Lol

3.       Lipstick or Lip gloss?

4.       Dress or Miniskirt?

5.       Torrid, Forever 21, or ASOS (pick one) hard I know?

6.       What are your blogging plans for this year?

7.       Which best describes you…Fierce Diva or Subtle temptress?

8.       Law and Order or CSI?

9.       Haute pink or Naturally Nude (nail polish)?

10.   King toed or Round toed pumps?

11.   Who is your go to fashion icon?

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  1. I feel like I know u a little better now!! my sister just got a degree in Recreation I hope she finds a job in her field!! Hey girl!!! lolll

  2. Lol yes i hope she finds a job. I love it and i also think this is a great icebreaker for bloggers

  3. Girl! I am dying over here...why did I think your comment was spam?!?! LMAO

    I only found you through my stats page as a traffic source...

    Man..that was funny! Thanks for the tag and I will respond this week!

  4. Lol Lacoya maybe i shouldve went in depth but i didnt know what to say! I'll be looking for your response.

  5. Lol i had no idea what u meant until i came to your page. Lol thanks for tagging me i'm doing it right now.

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl