Sunday, August 5, 2012

Black on Black

Black on Black Crime because I killed a few people in this simple outfit! Lol just playing people I don't condone violence!  Saturday nites are always unpredictable for me because I never know where I'm gonna end up!  In the beginning my plans were to have drinks with my girl Shayla but she cancelled on me.  Then I got a text from my girl Jessica and my nite begun!  We headed to a surprise birthday party in this lavish house!  So much food all types of liquor.  Free catered food and drinks, my type of party! Our next stop was the strip club which we never made it lol.  Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times!  Here is the fit...

Top-Forever 21+
Jeggings-Old Navy

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  1. Very cute, I can relate to this post because I am big on wearing all black, its a bad habit for me!

  2. those jeggings are soooooo sleek!! I gotta go to old navy & grab a couple pairs! Fab as always!

  3. Very cute! My mother-in-law told me I wore toooo much black! So I wear lots and lots of pink! Lol

  4. Love the nude shoe to even it out! Makes your legs look longer, too!