Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's almost the weekend baby!  THIS Dress!  I'm assuming its vintage maybe, maybe not!  It has to be atleast 20 years old.  Any who, let me give you some history behind this dress.  My mom has lost a lot of weight over the last few years and with that comes a new wardrobe.  You see my mama and I use to be the same size.  She has the habit of donating to the Goodwill and that's exactly wear I found this dress, in a box packed and ready for the Goodwill (I know some of my thrifting followers would've been glad to get their hands on this one)!  I told her, " Come on ma, you know I love leopard and its a maxi a dress! I can kill two birds with one stone with this one!" lol.  Have you every seen the movie the Traveling Pants?  Well this dress is kinda like that not only can I fit it but my sister who is a 8/10 can as well.  I let her have it first but she never wore it!  After searching for it (she has just as many clothes as me) she finally found it and gave it back!  So from now on my mama is not allowed to donate NOTHING, without me going through the box first. 
I know right! What was my mama thinking lol!

Vest-My fave DIY



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  1. She was crazyyyyyyyyyyy that is super gorge!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good job catching the dress before it headed out the door lol. Love the vest with it :)

  3. Lovely dress. I like how you've paired it with the denim vest.

  4. My mother does the same thing. I'm always grabbing things out of the bag before heading to the Goodwill. Why do they give away such great pieces? Love this look on you. I see your inner lioness or is it leopardess came out ;)

  5. the dress is very nice and you look gorgeous in it! I got a leopard print dress from my grandmother that is almost 30 years old, why they be tryn give these goodies away beats me. I love it with the denim vest, it takes it from candlelit dinner to saturday night out with the girls. Very funky!